Poop on Aisle 2

You may think shopping for art supplies is a fairly mundane task. My husband would agree with you. But the other day I was standing in front of drawing pencils when I heard the unmistakable sounds of a kid pooping.  Yes I’m serious. So much for being boring huh? While shopping for drawing supplies (new […]

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I Dogsat a Pooch.

When the call came in, I thought it was a joke.  “You want me to do what?” “I think you’ve got the wrong number.” “Am I on candid camera?” Sure enough, son Austin and his wife Nicole were asking me to dogsit. Yes, for real and yes without supervision. I was as shocked as you […]

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DNA Results Confirmed It.

I’ve always kinda known this. Some things you just do – without anyone telling you. Yet when the DNA results came in, I just stared blankly. “Well, I guess that explains a lot,” I thought. There it was in black and white. “Good News! Your new trait has arrived. Do you tend to play it […]

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I’m Not a Hiker. 

One visit to San Francisco changed me. I went hiking. (Yep hell hath frozen.) Eric and I went to SF for our oldest son’s college graduation. It was our first trip to the area so we started with the typical sights. First, there were these seals. (They are technically sea lions, but they said I […]

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The Day the Tree Came Down.

Ever hold on to something so tight for so long that it becomes literally painful to let it go? Like someone has to pry your cramping fingers from the thing as you fight them tooth and nail? I bet you’ve held on to things longer that you should like an old frying pan or something. […]

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I Had Bad Eyebrows.

“Hello, my name is April Thomas and I had bad eyebrows.” In fact, I’m sure I now belong to a society of former bad eyebrow folks. Like we all went through the intervention, the admission of guilt, the dedication to making a change… the whole multi step process and now we’re on the other side. […]

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