Who Am I?

I had just climbed bleachers to watch my daughter’s volleyball practice when I experienced an identity crisis. As crises go it was mild, but as far as questioning the purpose of one’s existence it was intense.

First of all, if you’re a mom and your kids plays sports or participate in any other extra-curricular activities, you are going to be busier than a rooster in a hen house (so to speak). The evenings consist of practices, games, fast food dinners and roadside wardrobe changes. It’s a full time job just managing a household and even with a helpful spouse, the schedules can be maddening. Add in a full time job and it’s no wonder I have gray hair and wear a cape.

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Shrimp & Grits Coming Up

There’s a quaint hotel in Savannah, GA where my husband and I enjoy occasional weekend getaways. We love the location, the decor and most of all – the staff. I have been passionate about customer experience throughout my marketing career. I typically display unusual levels of excitement when staff members show they really “get it”. It drives my husband insane.

During our first stay, we noticed unique details and special touches uncommon to typical hotels. I don’t mean amenities like extra shampoo, mini sewing kits or even those neat shoe shining cloths. From the bell staff to the concierge, the team of people at this hotel seemed to have a genuine passion for their responsibilities. I drove my husband bonkers as I whispered my adoration at each impressive detail. Continue reading


As parents of players on a sports team, there are certain obligations you are expected to meet. Concession stand, ticket sales, fundraising… you know the drill. One particular Friday night, my hubby and I were confined to a small 5ft square space selling tickets to the school football game.

Once we got past the pressure of handling money, it was kinda fun. (Side note: I learned I need remedial math or math for parents who work ticket sales booths.) I got to wear a headset and talk into a microphone. Evidently, the scheduler was unaware of my reputation for wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting public with my special brand of humor. Give me the ability to project my voice into the dark night from behind an enclosed space and there were just too many opportunities to resist. Poor girl probably didn’t know what to say when I told her she had to pay double simply because she wasn’t wearing anything with the school name on it. And I personally loved the opportunity to say into a muffled microphone:

“Hi welcome to the stadium, may I take your order please?” 

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I Forgot But He Didn’t

You know those days when you have everything planned out perfectly? Your list is long, but you’ve got it all thought out. You know very well this means you’re going to be multitasking most of the day but you’re skilled and adept at stirring a pot of soup with one hand and solving the world’s problems with the other. You’ve got this. No amount of time spent in a car line will be wasted. No job interview will get the best of you and you’ve got dinner all figured out.  When they arrived at school, the kids looked like they just stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting (OK, that might be a stretch). You’ve even been somewhat kind to the dog, aka your nemesis. (I’m willing to admit that last one may only apply to me.) But you get the point, the day is planned to perfection. Until….

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Cut the Eye Off

Growing up in South Carolina, I’m used to folks saying I talk funny. I refer to everyone as “y’all”. I use the word “slap” as an adjective as in I’m just slap wore out. I only recently learned that “fixin’” isn’t a real verb. I mash buttons and cut the grass. I tell the kids to high tail it when we’re late for school. When they misbehave, you may hear me say I’m gonna be on them like white on rice. I believe you can say anything about anybody and if it’s offensive in any way you can fix it by adding “bless his/her heart” at the end of the statement.  Like this…That dog is as ugly as homemade sin, bless his heart. Or this one…She ain’t knee high to a duck, bless her heart. Perfectly normal way of talking, I’d say. Continue reading

Families Who Clean Toilets Together…

Every so often we declare a Saturday Family Chore Day. The kids like to refer to it as the day mom tortures us with endless lists of horrifying tasks like cleaning toilets. But I look forward to these days for several reasons.

For one, I love getting up early and organizing the chore lists. It’s so much fun to take things off my never-ending list and put it on someone else’s. That’s a quick way to feel a sense of accomplishment. But I always make the lists somewhat humorous and the kids get a kick out of them. Everyone has a list including myself and my husband. He is usually not so perky about his but I love him for putting up with me. My list usually includes a lot of things to “pad” it to make me look far more productive than the rest of the family and give me plenty of time to sneak off for breaks. Oh come on… I earned them.

Another reason I love Family Slave Day is to see the kids accomplish something by working with their hands. Too often their hands are busy texting or playing video games. It’s nice to see them care for their home and take pride in the toilet they just cleaned. I also love to see them work together. Our older children help the younger children master the fine art of cleaning mirrors and sinks. Doing chores like this, they begin to learn that a clean house doesn’t happen with the snap of a finger. Imagine that!

Most importantly, the kids develop a sense of pride when they complete their chore lists. I praise them for having good attitudes too. They don’t always smile as I thrust a list of 72 things in their sweet faces. But more often than not, they now start their list with little grumbling and complete their jobs successfully the first time. On Saturday, when I praised my daughter for her sunny disposition she kindly replied,

“Oh I learned my lesson awhile back. If I complain, it isn’t pretty. So now I just smile and do it. And it isn’t that bad. I like us working together as a family.”

“I like it too,” my son added while on mopping duties. “It makes me feel like we are a team.”

You truly can’t get much better than that.

Evildoers are trapped by their sinful talk, and so the innocent escape trouble.

From the fruit of their lips people are filled with good things, and the work of their hands brings them reward.

The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.

Proverbs 12:13-15 (NIV)