Did You Get My Text About Your Voice Mail?

Awhile back I developed a habit of checking my blackberry first thing every morning. It was also the last thing I did every night. I became addicted to answering every email within minutes as if it could not possibly wait even an hour much less until the next morning.

Worse than me, my husband has two phones: one for work and one for personal use. He checks both all day too. Our kids each have a phone. They have theirs permanently stuck to their hands. Evidently they enjoy the sound of texting 24/7 which sounds like a bunch of tic tacs clicking together and makes me twitch uncontrollably…. but I digress. Continue reading


My son wasn’t feeling well after school that day. He sent me a text message asking to be picked up as soon as the 3:10 pm bell rang. I knew he had basketball practice but I also knew he had been sniffling and coughing that morning. I figured he felt pretty lousy if he wanted to skip practice so I responded I would be there right away.

A few minutes later I received another text from him. It was a simple text with one word yet 92 letters. Continue reading