Our version of the 12 Days of Christmas – Day 1

It’s Day 1!! Today marks the beginning of our 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS PROJECT! Because we can’t do Christmas the way we normally do this year (Thanks 2020), we decided to have a little fun with my parents. After all, we didn’t want mom and dad to be lonely. So we are bringing Christmas to them! (OK we had a lot of fun doing this and may have needed something to entertain us.)

Day 1 kicks it off… “orange” you glad it’s Christmas!

My amazing hubby and I had a blast doing this for my parents. 🙂 He humors me!

P.S. My hubby is such a star (ok trooper)! He’s a hoot.

P.S.S. They got an instacart delivery today with items that correspond to the videos, just in case you are wondering what we mean when we say “in your delivery.”

#12daysofChristmasFun #2020Christmas

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