12 Days of Christmas – Day 6

It’s the halfway mark! Wow! Welcome to DAY 6.

Living in Florida, we don’t often get to say “Baby it’s cold outside.” So today, we can at least listen to the song and dream! Ha Ha! But today is not about music. It’s about Christmas baking! This may be Eric’s favorite. He loves desserts. He also loves hot chocolate…or rather he likes a mug of marshmallows with a little hot chocolate.

Holiday baking always meant we got to wear our matching Christmas aprons mom made us when we were kids. It was so fun to wear those aprons as we all cooked in the kitchen together. Even the grandkids wore them at some point and they are still hanging in the pantry. One year, we actually wore those aprons to the grocery store to grab a forgotten ingredient or two. HAHA!

Now I need to go make some brownies. These look good!

Bet you thought I was kidding about the Christmas apron trip to the grocery store!

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