12 Days of Christmas – Day 8

It’s the little things that mean the most to us around the Christmas holidays. So much so that I actually broke down in tears thinking about these glass Christmas mugs mom and dad have that I use every year. It’s the fact that they get them down from the top cabinet and have them ready for me to use every time I arrive for Christmas that melts my heart. They know me.

Eric actually found two Christmas glasses in our own kitchen cabinet the other day that look so similar to theirs it’s almost like they are from the same collection! Funny thing is we have no idea where they came from. HAHA. But boy was I happy he pulled these down. I’m telling you… it’s the little things.

I always loved the fresh holly mom and dad would bring in from the yard at the holidays too. We can’t exactly do that here in Florida, but Eric tried. He’s hilarious.

The little things actually mean so much to me that in 2008 I started a list entitled “How to Have a Good Christmas” and taped it up in the kitchen cabinet at mom and dad’s. It became a thing as I added addendums each year. Some years I got pretty detailed! Other years I just added a thing or two. I thought it was awesome, clever, funny, etc. Not so sure they did. But they humor me. Ok tolerate. 🙂

You think I’m kidding. I am not.

I went from handwritten lists to typed lists, but then I started to take it easy on them. 🙂 Now we just do crazy things like the 12 Days of Christmas!

Grab some Christmas coffee or apple cider and enjoy Day 8!

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