12 Days of Christmas – Day 9

It’s DAY 9!  While the guys don’t care too much about dishes, we gals love that part. There is something about fancy tables that just make us smile. As our family’s president of interior decor, I am in charge of holiday place settings. Eric is not allowed to help and this video shows why! That said, he serves as president of exterior decor and he is THE BEST at this! Lights, lights and more lights! He’s already planning for 2021 and even wanted to ship something to my parents’ house this year. It’s ok though. He got sidetracked decorating his hat and forgot. 🙂 He’s so funny.

Last night we went on our own Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt and had a blast. We didn’t find everything on the list, so we changed the list so we could say “WE WIN!” HAHA! Who knew that we’d find a dragon, a dozen penguins and 3 swans, but not one snow globe or character from Frozen.

We love decorating inside and outside at Christmas. Can you tell?

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