I Almost Saved the Bird.

Driving home from the gym the other day (another whole story in itself), I saw 3 birds on the side of the road. I mean they were alive. They were just standing there. The thing is, two of them were in the fenced in area with the cows and one was standing on the outside […]

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When Acorns Attack

OMG. You think I’m kidding, exaggerating, etc. I assure you. This is our reality. If you don’t believe me, walk up our front sidewalk. The poor UPS guy got hit in the next the other day and he nearly dropped my package. It looked like a scene straight from the movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

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Let’s Talk Turkey.

I’m embarrassed to admit this. Like really embarrassed. I’m actually afraid the Coalition of Southern Women is going to come take my card. It’s only a matter of time before they find out this appalling truth. It’s shameful. It’s anti-southern. It’s just plain disgraceful to the generations of strong southern women before me. I, April […]

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If You Ever See Me Running

It’s pretty well known that I am not athletic nor do I enjoy anything remotely resembling exercise. In fact I’m about to tell you a story that not one of my friends would ever believe actually happened. I would go so far as to say that if you were to bet any one of them […]

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Everything is Different, Mom.

For 14 years I have longed for this day. I have dreamed of it. I have planned for it. I have tried to make it come faster to no avail. I’ve wished. I’ve hoped. I’ve been anxious, excited, ecstatic, and full of anticipation. And alas, today…today…today is it! We are taking down that horrible wallpaper. […]

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The Day I Had a Root Canal

I know root canals are no walk in the park for anyone. But for me, having a root canal was like a walk through hell itself. That is, until I discovered a little dental secret. I went in for my root canal one Friday morning. I had prepared myself physically and mentally for this. I was […]

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